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Actual medallions are 1-1/2" (39 mm) in diameter.
About the Artist
David Lance Goines
Bacchus Medallions
Commemorative Information
We are currently sold out of our Bacchus coins (bronze medallions).
We will update this page if we can get more in our inventory.
You may have seen our Bacchus coins previously on EBAY.

Bacchus God of Wine Bronze Medallion by David Lance Goines
Includes protective plastic cover on front and back.

Very cool item for collectors who want something commemorating the Bacchus / Dionysus era. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and celebration, was known as Bacchus to Romans.

We are the original Internet retailer of the Bacchus medallions, received directly from Saint Nicholas Productions. David Lance Goines designed this commemorative medallion to portray Bacchus, the Greek and Roman god of wine. Alex Shagin is the medallion sculptor. The Goines design of Bacchus is boldly sculptured in solid bronze and is 1 1/2" (39 mm) in diameter. Saint Nicholas Productions issued the medallions on March 20, 1995.

These commemorative bronze medallions make a wonderful gift for the wine aficionado and are a prestigious addition to any medallion collection.

[Bacchus bronze medallions]
[Bacchus bronze medallions]
[Bacchus bronze medallions]
David Lance Goines Designed Bacchus Bronze Medallion
[Bacchus Bronze Medallion front]

[Bacchus Bronze Medallion back]

Price: $29.99

Note: We are out of stock on bronze medallions.

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